How we grow our wheat

Dr Arden Andersen, schooled as both an agronomist and a medical doctor, is one of the world’s top consultants on advanced soil and crop management. Good nutrition comes back to agriculture and the way our foods are grown.

Real Medicine must start with the patient’s diet and ultimately the nutrition on the farm.

Elaine Ingham, well known leader in sustainable agriculture, said the answer of healthy crop production lies in the fact that both biology and chemistry need to be balanced properly.

A no-till system in agriculture embraces the principles of sustainability in farming. It means that soil will be used as a biological system to produce healthy crops. Healthy crops contain high density nutrients which are essential for human and livestock systems. Healthy crops reduce spaying of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides.
Chicken manure is also spread over the soil during the planting season as a means of natural fertiliser, and when the wheat is harvested, the straw that is generated as a by-product is spread out over the land and left to gently rot back into the soil.The final agricultural product of this approach conforms to the needs of modern users.

In the Southern Cape, farmers include legume pastures in their rotation of wheat, canola, oats and barley. These pastures contribute to higher organic matter which is the energy source for the micro-fauna in the soil. Complimentary to the pastures, good tillage practices like no-tilling complies with fusion for healthy nutrition of people.


We am personally convinced that grain products of the Southern Cape which are cultivated on high organic soils and biological farming practices cannot only be judged on traditional parameters but it must be judged on nutrient value. In order to enjoy optimal nutrition, we need to return to basics, and this includes looking at where and how the food we consume is grown. At Eureka Mills, we are extremely selective about growing our wheat, which means that although it is illegal to plant GMO wheat in South Africa, the local farmers who grow our wheat uses non-GMO varietals. No Roundup or Glyphosates are sprayed onto the crops that are grown to make Eureka Mills flour, and annual tests are conducted to validate these statements, as well as overall wheat quality.

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EUREKA Wheat Growing Cycle

Eureka - Wheat Growing Cycle