Baguettes & Ciabattas with Markus Färbinger

We would like to share some artisinal magic with you…take a look at this preview of Baguettes & Ciabattas. Master Baker, Markus Färbinger demonstrates how to make beautiful, artisan baguettes and ciabattas at home using a domestic oven to simulate the conditions of a wood-fired oven. Beginner bakers will also gain valuable knowledge and with practise and dedication, will be able to make these two delicious modern breads.

Baguettes & Ciabattas  is a masterclass – two feature length, richly detailed, comprehensive and beautifully filmed demonstrations – given by fourth generation Austrian baker Markus Färbinger. Färbinger is the baker and co-owner of the acclaimed île de païn bakery and café in Knysna – and a master pastry chef and chocolatier who served in the 1990’s as Dean of Curriculum and Instruction for Baking and Pastry Arts, at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. Baguettes & Ciabattas invites the professional baker to revisit artisan techniques going back a century and more – while showing the enthusiast how a domestic oven can be used to achieve groundbreaking results at home.

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Baguettes & Ciabattas with Markus Färbinger on Vimeo

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