Babette’s Bread

In a world where most of our food is mass produced, highly processed and devoid of nutrients, I am truly grateful for businesses like Eureka Mills. 

As an Artisan Baker, I know that my bread is only as good as the ingredients I use. Thus, I go out of my way to source top quality flour, which forms the bulk of my product. I use Eureka Mills flour to bake beautifully rustic, fragrant and gorgeously colourful loaves.

Eureka Mills takes care to ensure that their flour is GMO as well as round-up free. Relying on this knowledge, I am able to focus on my job as a baker and work on coaxing flavour and character out of their beautiful flour through the use of fermentation and time.

There is something truly magical about flour which still contains the wheat germ. The flavour of the final bread and the caramelisation of the crust is so much more robust and real than that of a highly processed and artificially fortified product. And the bonus is that all the natural goodness of the wheat is still in tact.Being an artisan baker, I choose to use only unbleached natural flour which contains no preservatives or additives. I appreciate the fact that the flour is locally produced and that Eureka Mills have a good relationship with the Artisan Bakers who bake with their flour. 

I use Eureka Mills’ flour in all my breads as well as all flour-related baking and cooking at home. The unbleached White Bread flour is fantastic for everything from homemade pasta to tortillas and the cake flour finds its way into all my cakes, brownies and buttermilk rusks. The Wholemeal flour is particularly fabulous in cookies and biscuits, as it lends a nutty flavour and additional crunchy texture to the baked treat.

Thank you for a truly wholesome and real flour!

Happy baking everyone 🙂

Babette Kourelos

Founder of Babette’s Bread

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